The Difference

We are Making!

IGO sponsors 180 college students with a monthly stipend to cover extra expenses such as food, personal hygiene products, transportation, printing costs & internet services. Ask about sponsoring a college student today. Here are a few of our graduates!




Join us to help end world poverty and suffering.

IGO's Sponsorship & Nurturing Program (Primary & Secondary Grades) 

Check out these miraculous transformations!

  Before             After

​​​Giving Chances to Those Who Need Them Most​Your Support Enables Us to Continue with Our Mission

Children BEFORE and AFTER Sponsorship Through IGO !

The majority of the children enrolled in IGO's Sponsorship & Nurturing  program have endured more suffering in their short lives than most people endure in a lifetime. Here are just a few of their remarkable transformations!


IGO's Student Empowerment Initiative (Higher Education)

"Z" was enrolled in IGO's program for 7 years until he recently became a medical resident and started earning his own income!


IGO's Early Childhood Education Program (Preschool)