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Velma Kirksey-Tarver, Founder and Director of the Institute for Global Outreach (IGO) started this organization with a very passionate and inspirational purpose; to help those who lack the resources to help themselves. Her passion for this cause prompted her to start saving her own income to establish this nonprofit organization.

She travels to Africa every year to visit the children and families sponsored by IGO to ensure that impoverished families reclaim their dignity and work towards a more sustainable future. Although IGO now impacts hundreds of children, Mrs. Kirksey-Tarver is adamant about seeing every child during her annual visit. She’s become deeply connected to these children, many of whom refer to her as mother.  -“ I’m the only mother that many of these children have. And I take that responsibility very seriously.”

The mother of three daughters and wife of Senator Gregory Tarver, Mrs Kirksey-Tarver works countless hours for IGO receiving no compensation whatsoever. This allows more funding to reach some of the neediest households where a life is saved or suffering is alleviated. She's also a Certified Professional Life Coach who believes in serving the community as well as serving abroad.


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"It's amazing what happens when a child is given the opportunity to flourish"  - Velma Kirksey-Tarver

The Institute for Global Outreach (IGO) is a grassroots organization volunteering our time, money and resources to address these questions:

  • How do we bring global awareness to sectors of America where there is lack of knowledge or disconnection?
  • How do we instill a desire in others to reach across the World to people they've not met and open their hearts to help them?
  • How do we maintain the highest standard of accountability in funding?
  • How to we bring other needed resources to areas of the World that are remote and often difficult to reach?

We take these questions seriously and have worked diligently for the past several years doing research and cultivating partnerships that support our efforts.

This website is designed to give our donors and potential contributors more insight about our organization in hopes that you will consider joining or continuing to support our global projects. Although we've accomplished much, we seek to build a stronger solid organization that will continue to improve the livelihoods of vulnerable children and poverty stricken families Worldwide.

As a humanitarian organization, IGO relies on the support of generous organizations and individuals like you, to continue our core work for those in need. We therefore urge you, our supporters to continue to unite with us in our Global efforts. With your generosity, we can pay forward the blessings that God has bestowed upon us.

Starting with only 30 sponsored children a few years ago, the Institute for Global Outreach (IGO) now supports over 700. Supporting our lifesaving work helps bring health and hope to vulnerable children and families in the neediest communities around the world.


About the Founder

Mrs. Velma Kirksey-Tarver, Chair
Mrs. Meverllyn Frost, Secretary / Treasurer
Mrs. Maxine Sarpy, Director
Mrs. Mary Quigley, Director
Dr. Cherinet Adgeh, Director