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These courageous women have defied the odds and have taken control of their own destiny!

Sells liquid soap

Female Entrepreneurs Initiative

Starting with only 30 sponsored children a few years ago, the Institute for Global Outreach (IGO) now supports over 800. Supporting our lifesaving work helps bring health and hope to vulnerable children and families in the neediest communities around the world.

Sells cosmetics

IGO's female entrepreneurs  sell cosmetics, fresh vegetables, injera (Ethiopian bread), charcoal, coffee and tea. They also make pajamas and clothing to sell.

IGO's Female Entrepreneurs Initiative

Makes & sells traditional beverage

Sells charcoal

Mothers/Entrepreneurs Who Thrive While Living With The HIV Virus

Business Women Living With The HIV Virus

Those enrolled in this program  are all mothers living with the HIV virus and are not asking for pity. Instead, they are asking for support to become entrepreneurs starting or expanding their small business.

Makes and sells pajamas

IGO’s latest program, the Female Entrepreneurs Initiative, provides the seed money for vulnerable females to start their own small business to sustain themselves and their families.

Sells dried injera

In addition to providing seed money for small business start up, the following actions also  take place to ensure a successful outcome for beneficiaries in this program:

  • Training is provided on Selection, Planning, and Management of viable business ventures 
  • Village Saving Groups (VSGs) are established for beneficiaries
  • Saving tool kits are provided to the Village Saving Groups (VSGs)
  • Technical support and continuous follow up are provided for members of the Village Saving Groups (VSGs)
  • Linkage with micro and small enterprise development offices at Woreda (district) level to provide  access to  working space

Bakes & distributes bread

Restaurant business

Sells coffee

Sells coffee & injera

Sells dried injera