Starting with only 30 sponsored children a few years ago, the Institute for Global Outreach (IGO) now supports over 700. Supporting our lifesaving work helps bring health and hope to vulnerable children and families in the neediest communities around the world.

​Starting with only 30 sponsored children a few years ago, the Institute for Global Outreach (IGO) now supports over 700. This short video highlights our accomplishments over a 6 year span. Each and every person you see in this depiction is an actual recipient in one of our four programs.

Our sponsorship and nurturing program matches sponsors with children whose parents/guardians have little or no income; many of whom are living on the streets with their mothers who beg for money to buy food, or earn less than .50 cents a day. All of the children suffer from extreme malnutrition and have lived in below poverty areas since the day they were born.

You can give a child hope by sponsoring them for ONLY $5.77 a week!

IGO’s Student Empowerment Initiative

This website is designed to give our donors and potential contributors more insight about our organization in hopes that you will consider joining or continuing to support our global projects. Although we've accomplished much, we seek to build a stronger solid organization that will continue to improve the livelihoods of vulnerable children and poverty stricken families Worldwide.

How You Can Help

Until the infrastructural development reaches many communities, IGO is providing donkeys as an alternative to an immediate need. Donkeys are provided to carry water from the water points to the villages to reduce the burden of women and children who walk long distances for water.

Donkey Project - Water Solution

Any student who has been granted a full scholarship to attend college should have the opportunity to do so. Unfortunately, many students lack the minimum amount needed to cover basic expenses such as food, personal hygiene/feminine products, items, transportation, printing costs and internet services.

​​​Giving Chances to Those Who Need Them Most​Your Support Enables Us to Continue with Our Mission

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Early Childhood Education & Nutrition (ECE)

Sponsorship and Nurturing

Currently, over 3 million children under the age of 5 die every year due to extreme hunger. That's over 8000 little children who suffer and die needlessly every single day. IGO's ECE program takes  over 100 children off the streets and places them in a safe and nurturing environment where they receive 2 meals a day.