Donkey Project - Water Solution

Starting with only 30 sponsored children a few years ago, the Institute for Global Outreach (IGO) now supports over 700. Supporting our lifesaving work helps bring health and hope to vulnerable children and families in the neediest communities around the world.

"Millions of women and children spends hours a day collecting water"  - UN Human Dev. Report

Low economic development coupled with low land productivity, recurrent drought, and poor roads in rural parts of the country have left many people to a destitute life without access to clean water.

Even in areas where a water tower exist, in the absence of piped water, rural women and children travel long distances daily to “fetch” water from rivers and wells, which are oftentimes far apart.  They carry heavy containers of water on their backs or shoulders which causes severe health problems and is also very time consuming. This results in children missing school and mothers having less time to care for their families.

Even Worse….This daily routine exposes women and young girls to virulent abductors and rapist which is even more severe where water is scarce.

Until the infrastructural development reaches many communities, IGO is providing donkeys as an alternative to an immediate need.  Donkeys are provided to carry water from the water points to the villages to reduce the burden of women and children who walk long distances for water. 

IGO’s solution is as follows:

  • Provide one donkey for 50 women head of households.
  • Organize beneficiaries in a cooperative system (50% receive male and 50% receive female). As the donkeys breed, this helps ensure project sustainability.
  • Manage the health and feeding of the donkeys through the cooperative system and provide training for the care of the donkeys.
  • Ensure that donkeys are not mishandled and taken to the nearest animal clinic whenever the necessity arises

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